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A special thank you to our incredible volunteers! You are creating amazing soccer memories for the children of the Rocky Point community! We really appreciate all of your help and support!

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The Rocky Point Youth Soccer Club is a Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to educate and promote youth soccer as a lifetime activity. The children will develop physical, mental, and social abilities while having fun. Ultimately, our purpose is to facilitate the development of the children’s growth as athletes and individuals. The participants will reach their maximum potential through our program, which builds character, sportsmanship, and promotes teamwork.

RPYSC History 

In 2007, the boys varsity soccer coach at Rocky Point High School, Joe Camarda, together with the help of the Rocky Point community members and Athletic Director, they established the Rocky Point Youth Soccer Club. In the spring of 2007, fifty children registered and began playing soccer at the FJC Elementary School where they practiced on skill development and small-sided games.  In fall of 2010, the RPYSC was accepted into the largest soccer league in the country, the Long Island Junior Soccer League. Today our registration has grown to over 600 children and continues to grow. The goals of the Rocky Point Youth Soccer Club and Rocky Point School Teams, boys and girls is by working together all year round and having the students in the community become a family and play with pride representing their town and school.